I-Chuan Association of the USA




Do not be limited by method and theory. Furthermore, do not become one who stops studying.

- Wang Xiang Zhai


Benefits of Joining the I-Chuan Association of the USA


  • Participation in local and national I-Chuan activities
  • Member discounts from affiliated vendors and service providers
  • Network with the leading I-Chuan Masters in the
  • Receive the most current seminar schedules of the
    ICAUSA regional masters classes
  • Qualify for member discounts on martial arts
    products, videos, and seminars
  • Learn the applications of I-Chuan standing
    meditations from certified instructors
  • Get sports related insurance at a group rate (coming soon)
  • Participate in group travel tours to martial arts
    sites in Asia
  • Receive the quarterly subscription to the ICAUSA
  • Save money and get tax deductible donation
    benefits as a member of ICAUSA
  • Join the instructors training classes as a member
    of ICAUSA
  • Share your I-Chuan knowledge with community sponsored collaborations with ICAUSA